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Сборник: Карты епархий Российской империи, 1910 год, 22 листа

Подробный атлас Российской Империи с планами городов, 1870.  Ильин

Гродно 1678

Fotka uživatele Сергей Кныревич.

Fotka uživatele Сергей Кныревич.

Источник: ЗДЕСЬ


Укрепленный лагерь при Гродне, где Российская Армия под предводительством Фельдмаршала Огильвия стояла в январе и феврале 1706 года


poland 1588

Sebastian Muenster,
"Cosmographei oder beschrebung aller länder ...", 
german edition, printed in Basel by Henricpetri, Anno 1558


Sebastian Münster (1488 – 1552), was a German cartographer, cosmographer, and a Hebrew scholar. In 1505, aged 17, Münster became a Franciscan monk, even being ordained some years later.
His universal studies at several universities qualify Münster as polymath.

Printer / Publisher:

Sebastian Henric Petri (* 1546 in Basel; † 1627 in Basel) was a famous printer of the dynasty of Petri. He was the son of Heinrich Petri (whose stepfather was Sebastian Münster) and brother of Adam Henric Petri and Sixtus Henricpetri. From 1572, he headed for over 50 years the pharmacy. He published hundreds of Latin and German titles: historiographic works, new editions of elder titles, schoolbooks, theological papers and updated new editions of Münster «Cosmographia».


План Гродно. 1867 год

   Автор: administrator    Категория: 19 век, города, железные дороги

Планы городов из Путеводителя по железным дорогам России 1867 годаGRODNO Планы городов из Путеводителя по железным дорогам России 1867 года1

Путеводитель по железным дорогам России 1867 год


Себастьян Мунстер,1556

   Автор: administrator    Категория: 13-16 века

1556 munster_pologne

Sebastian Munster. 1592

Sebastian Munster’s ‘Cosmographia, Beschreibung aller Lender’. These prints are from the 1592 German edition, published in Basel by Henrichum Petri (Heinrich Petri).

Artists and Engravers: Made by ‘Sebastian Munster’ after an anonymous artist. The author of this work is Sebastian Munster, a German cartographer, cosmographer and Christian scholar. He is best known for Cosmographia, the earliest German description of the world (in 6 parts.  The woodcuts in this publication were made by a group of artists, among which Hans Holbein, Conrad Schnitt, David Kandel and Hans Rudolf Manuel Deutsch.

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