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Себастьян Мунстер,1556

   Автор: administrator    Категория: 13-16 века

1556 munster_pologne

Sebastian Munster. 1592

Sebastian Munster’s ‘Cosmographia, Beschreibung aller Lender’. These prints are from the 1592 German edition, published in Basel by Henrichum Petri (Heinrich Petri).

Artists and Engravers: Made by ‘Sebastian Munster’ after an anonymous artist. The author of this work is Sebastian Munster, a German cartographer, cosmographer and Christian scholar. He is best known for Cosmographia, the earliest German description of the world (in 6 parts.  The woodcuts in this publication were made by a group of artists, among which Hans Holbein, Conrad Schnitt, David Kandel and Hans Rudolf Manuel Deutsch.